Top Five PR Tips for 2017

Karen, Becky and Helen making plans for 2017

The Nine Media team met up for our long-delayed festive lunch and to discuss our exciting plans for 2017. Among our personal resolutions, Karen wants to get a book deal and revisit Japan, Helen wishes to get one of her best-selling books made into a film while Becky is going to enter a 10k, finish season six of Game of Thrones and try to win a place on a novel-writing course. We also have lots of Nine Media courses in development.

To help you kick off your professional year with a strong start, here are our top tips for PRs in 2017.

1 Network more frequently

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction with journalists so why not invite a key journalist for coffee or lunch or arrange an evening drinks event.

2 Rethink your press releases

Avoid clichés and stale ideas. Think like a journalist and create compelling stories that you can imagine reading on your phone, or in a favourite magazine.

3 Make Twitter Friends

Journos love people complementing them on their articles. Retweet and chat about the topics your target journalists are most interested in.

4 Ditch your Pitching Nerves

Prepare a topline before picking up the phone and carefully craft targeted pitches.

5 Take a Refresher

Book yourself onto one of Nine Media’s upcoming courses suitable for all levels, whether you are just starting out or are an experienced PR who needs some fresh inspiration.

You can book onto one of our public courses open to all PRs or we can bring our Ultimate PR training days in-house to your offices. We can also get your clients and spokespeople ready for broadcast interviews.

Happy New Year from Karen, Becky and Helen x

January 16, 2017